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Based in the UK, we are the first zero to landfill facility for the recycling and complete disposal of end of life boats.

End of Life Boats

We can take care of everything; from the boat’s recovery, to dismantling and recycling of its parts, even down to the usually non-recyclable parts which are shredded and sent for energy recovery.

Nothing goes to landfill, nothing is wasted!


When dismantling boats & yachts which have come to the end of their life, any parts of the boat which could be reused in other vessels are placed on our online shop.

Even Down to the Fibreglass Shell

Once the vessel is fully dismantled, with all parts recovered or recycled, we are then left with the fibreglass shell this is shredded and sent for disposal via Energy Recovery, diverted wholly from Landfill.

Waste Hierarchy




Our expert Maintenance Team review each and every vessel that comes to us before work begins to determine whether it is a unsalvageable wreck, or if they qualify to be ‘fixed & cleaned up’ for a possible resale, as this prolongs the boats sailing life. This ties in with our…

Our Experience

Our experienced team has over 100 years of collective experience in boat dismantling, repairing, boat building and waste management and recycling.

Being involved in yachting and the marine industry, it was clear that the issue of what to do with end of life GRP vessel's was becoming an increasingly serious and widespread issue on our waterways. I decided to do some research into this and discovered that, although most GRP was still being sent to landfill, Agecko UK, a waste management company at the forefront of the drive towards more sustainable disposal methods, had in fact found a solution to the problem.

I contacted Agecko and shortly afterwards received a phone call from Natan, the sales director, who explained that while they had the capability to sustainably dispose of clean GRP, they had no means of processing the boats and separating the range of different waste streams which they invariably contain.

This was interesting to hear and after further discussion and explaining my involvement with boat and yachts, we hatched a plan that we would collaborate using Agecko's expertise in waste management, coupled with my marine experience. The result was Marine and Boat Recycling. We are now able to recover and process end of life vessels, cleanly and sustainably, whilst salvaging any reusable parts and valuable scrap materials. We then dispose of the GRP using the most sustainable methods available. We never landfill and are revolutionising waste GRP management, transforming it into valuable resources.

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